Guest Post: DIY Cat litter box


The second part of my guest post about DIY for cats on is online now. Again the post is also available in German. The Link can be found in the post! Head over there and have a look if you are interested!


As promised, Sarina from Saris Corner is back with the follow-up on the DIY Cat litter box. Please find her post below. For those that missed last week’s post on the Cat bed please check it out here.

(This post is also available in German on Katzenworld Deutschland)

Hello everyone on Katzenworld,

The second thing I wanted to do was to get the HOL box and make a litter box holder of it to reduce the amount of litter lying around everywhere. The HOL box is a simple storage box and can be found in two sizes. I don’t really have that much room so I decided to go for the small one. Again the boys were everywhere and even helped with unpacking the box. After assembling (that was pretty easy as well) I decided where the cats should enter the box and used a jig saw to make…

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