Water – Photo 101 – Day 3

Water, as I live on an island I am surrounded by water. But that is not a bad thing, for me it actually is something I really enjoy. I love water, I love to be on it, in it, next to it, I even made it my job to work with it. As some of you know I am a marine biologist and that is my dream job! Since I was a kid, back in the days when we lived on a Canary island (oh yes I did the living on an island part before!) I am fascinated by water and everything that lives in it. I am also in that age that “Free Willy” was one of the most inspiring movies I have watched as a kid. When I was 14 I decided that I want to be a marine biologist and ever since I worked on that dream. Now 15 years later I am one and I am currently working on getting my PhD in that field.

So naturally this is not just some assignment for me. This is me expressing my love to this element. I could have easily said I just take some shots from my archive (I think I have a ton of water pictures), but I wanted to take some fresh ones and present them to you.

I am living in Europe which means the new assignment arrives here at midnight, so each morning when I get up I check my e-mails and when I saw today’s assignment I decided took take my camera with me on my short walk to work and take a little detour on the dike. It was sunrise at that time and I really love the colors I got!

After work I spontaneously decided that my morning pictures weren’t enough and I did another detour on my way back to work, this time along the ferry harbor. The ferry was just about to arrive and I went really down to the water and then took some low shots (my camera is perfect for that as it has a screen that you can fold out and turn).

Today’s assignment was to take a picture of water and play around with the orientation of the shot, so that is what I did. I will leave you with my gallery of pictures πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Water – Photo 101 – Day 3

  1. Very nice post, I especially like the “Wadden Sea at High Tide.” It is a very dramatic image and the composition is excellent. The twisting lagoon(?) in the foreground leads the viewer’s eye out to the sea and the placement of the ship in the far distance shows the immensity of the scene. Is this the Wadden Sea on the coast of Germany?

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