Bliss – Photo 101 – Day 4

Today’s assignment was a bit harder then yesterday and still they are connected. As you can guess after yesterdays post a lot of  bliss in my life comes from water. So inspired by eatyourselfgreek I choose to post about several moments in which I experienced bliss and tell a little back story about the reasons behind choosing them. I will do this by showing you a mixture of new and old pictures as it is hard to capture a bliss moment anyway and it is even harder to do it on a special day with only limited time. So here they come my bliss-moments:

1. Watching a sunset on a boat (while being there for work- which means getting paid for this 😉 )

Sunset on board of the RV Navicula

Sunset on board of the RV Navicula in the Dutch Wadden Sea (2013)

2. Spending an evening on the beach with my loved one (optional: watching a sunset)


Watching a sunset at Paal 9, Texel (2014)

3. Having my morning coffee in company of my boys and watching them play around while drinking it

Morning coffee suspiciously watched by my boys

Morning coffee suspiciously watched by my boys (2015)

4. Going on a bike tour in spring and watching the lambs toll around with their mums and siblings (Fun fact: in spring there are almost as many sheep on Texel then there are inhabitants, 2. fun fact: there is a sheep breed that is called “Texel” because it is breed here, caught your interest? check out the Texel Wikipedia page here)

Spring Lamb

Spring Lamb (2014)

I hope you enjoy my bliss-moments as much as I did while having them 🙂


9 thoughts on “Bliss – Photo 101 – Day 4

  1. Thanks for visiting me and for your comment! I like your photos very much. The one I admire most in this post is the coffee and cats watching you doing it 🙂
    Nice meeting you!

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