Solitude – Photo 101 – Day 5

wow… the first week of Photo 101 is already over. Today’s assignment was to use the “Rule of Thirds” to frame a shot that expresses solitude for us. I immediately had an idea how I want to do that but I would need another person to help me out. I knew that a good friend of mine was planning to be on the island for the weekend so I texted her and asked if she would be around already this afternoon. And she was and she also had time and the mind to help me out (yes it helps if you have friends that are also into photography). So we drove to the most southern tip of the island after work. There is a nature reservoir there with a lot of dunes and a huge beach where you can be alone for most of the time (I have posted pictures of it already here and here). We arrived with a perfect timing for the golden hour, there was some wind (quite normal here) and not a lot of clouds, but just enough to make the sky interesting.

So here are my two pictures for solitude that I took today (click on the first picture to open the gallery with a larger view).

Feedback is as always welcome πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Solitude – Photo 101 – Day 5

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