Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons – February

Ok this is something new I am doing but wanted to start earlier already. The idea, that Cardinal Guzman came up with, is that you go out and take 5-20 pictures from your area and once a month you make a post about it. You only use images that you really took during that month and no pictures from the archive. This should help to get a bit more of a photo routine into your life (find all the information about it here in the initial post).

A few months ago I already had the idea about making some kind of season post and then 2 in January I found one of the posts and was immediately interested. At that point, however I wasn’t home but still on Sylt. And I didn’t come back until the middle of January. I somehow didn’t manage to get out and take some pictures the rest of the month. So I skipped the January post (you would look at the January pictures so that how my logic works) but was determined to do it for February.

I decided to concentrate on the area close by my home, but occasionally I will stray a bit further 😉 Throughout February I went out on several different days and we already had a lot of different conditions here. We had one(!) day with snow and one day with extreme fog (if you are a regular reader of this blog you will realize that I already showed you some of these pictures but I will show them again here) but also a lot of sunshine days. This is one of the best things about this island, it is one of the sunniest places of the Netherlands 🙂 We also had the first signs of spring showing up around the middle of the months.

Please also have a look over on Cardinal Guzman’s Post, where you can find the links to all the participating Blog’s.


9 thoughts on “Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons – February

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    • Thank you! I already did some amazing pictures this month, mostly due to the Photo101 😉 But my biggest problem is that I am to impatient to wait till the 7th of the next month to show them 😀

      • Hehe, impatience is a virtue too 🙂
        I went for a photo walk yesterday, but haven’t looked at the photos yet. I wish that I could participate in Photo101 – it was a lot of fun last time, but hopefully my schedule will look better when they start Photo201 later this year.

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