Big – Photo 101- Day 7

I struggled with this one a lot… I was thinking the whole day what I could use for the theme today and then just before I got home I remembered that I shoot this image on the weekend and I did it mainly to show my followers how much my two boys have grown in the time they are here with me now. I took this pretty popular shot on their first morning with me. And already since a few weeks I was playing with the idea to redo this one. On the weekend I had the chance as they were both on the window sill together and I had my camera in reach. So here they are my big boys!

Cat TV second Edition

Cat TV second Edition


5 thoughts on “Big – Photo 101- Day 7

    • Yes I thought so too! 🙂 I use some really early shots from them as my desktop background and have the comparison every day and it is so great to see how they grew up 🙂

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