Warmth – Photo 101 – Day 9

I had a pretty stressful day today so I didn’t manage to take some new pictures for today’s assignment. But I still wanted to show you some of my pictures that I would connect with warmth. Most of them were taken at the so called “golden hour”. Some of them come from the pre-Blog era and what I consider the beginning of my photographic journey.


14 thoughts on “Warmth – Photo 101 – Day 9

    • Thank you, I don’t really can say that I have some kind of favorite camera but I really like the one I have. And if you are looking for a DSLR then it depens on what you want from it and what you want to spend on it. There are a lot of pages out there that are made for giving you advise on that. I don’t really feel like I know enough of it to really help you out.

  1. Nice! I’d say my favorites are the purple sky with the tall grass in front and the daffodils being back lit by the sun on the horizon.

    I can picture my sea-loving uncle standing on the bow in the photo of the ship. Actually, when I looked at that one, it brought a little tear to my eye (my uncle has developed dementia, and sadly, will go boating no more).

    Great photos.

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