Music that inspires me – The Mighty Stef

As I already said in my last “Music that inspires me”-post I listen to music more or less constantly while awake. I also love to go to concerts and that is how I got to know the next band I want to introduce you to. I first heard them when they were playing as the warm-up band for Flogging Molly at a concert in Hamburg in November 2011. I was there with a friend of mine and when we were about to leave the venue after the concert the band was selling their CD. We looked at each other and decided we wanted to have a CD from them. In hindsight I would say it was one of my wiser days ;).


My “The Mighty Stef” CD collection


Since that day in 2011 The Mighty Stef have a booked place in my standard playlist. I added most of their CD’s to my collection over the years and last year I supported their Pledge campaign for the new album, “Year of the Horse”. This will officially be released (at least in Ireland) at the 10th of April 2015.

The sound of “The Mighty Stef” is highly influenced from the Rock ‘n Roll era and the play a mixture of Rock ‘n Roll, Country, Irish influenced rock… or something like that 🙂 I love the melodic way of most of their songs and the sound of Stef’s voice.

De-Hors-March-2015-7Again I can offer you a small documentary about the Band with one of my favorite songs as the main background music. I don’t exactly know why but always when I see great sunset pictures I have to think about this song, so one of the moments where I deeply connected to it was when I was working on last weeks pictures that I posted on the monochrome madness post.

Another Song from the new Album that I love is “Stella”,  it transports a good mood to me (I think it is the tempo of the song). The beginning of the song always reminds me of me being an early bird and getting up before everyone else and of having this solitude in the morning with my cup of coffee…

But I also love the older songs of the Band, especially I love Downtown

In this song Stef sings about having a 9 to 5 job and how it can be devastating your live… (at least that is my interpretation) and every time I listen to it it reminds me of the fact that I don’t have a nine to five job and that I love what I am doing – no it is not eating me alive (not yet at least – I heard some pretty harsh stories about the end of a PhD and that you don’t do anything else anymore)!

Nine to five is eating us alive, eating us alive

We are not kings we are foot soldiers
Walking the road to nowhere

This is not the way it was supposed to be

We promised ourselves a revolution
But it ended up walking out in the cold again
Downtown- The Mighty Stef
One of my most favorite songs is “The Mero”, which is a song that was recorded together with Ronnie Drew, Dave King & Bridget Regan. This is such an Irish song and the different voices in it make it really interesting to me.

I have a lot more songs of them that I really love and would like to introduce you to but unfortunately they cannot be found in good quality anywhere. So if you like the songs you heard above please consider supporting this band and buy their Music. This is my little introduction of “The Mighty Stef”, if you like it have a look over on their webpage, YT Channel or facebook page!



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