One Four Challenge – March – Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the One Four Challenge in March, during this challenge we work on one picture over the course of a month and each week we post a new version of our picture. After going out of my normal ways last week I return closer to my normal processing with this weeks version. I tried to go a bit more into the soft/old/bleached area with this one. So I choose the cross process 2 preset in LR and then sharpened the picture a bit more. I also added a vignette to get the corners a bit lighter as I found that fit’s the overall style of the picture. In the first week Stacey suggested that the stem could be a bit brighter so I adjusted the brightness of the stem with the adjustment brush in LR and made it just a bit brighter and I really like the effect that it had on the whole picture. I kept the saturation of the purple high but reduced the one from green and I like the effect this had on the color of the grass. So here is this weeks picture for you:

March Week 3

March Week 3

All comments and suggestions are as always welcome! Please also have a look at other peoples entries over on Robyn’s Blog or search for the “One Four Challenge”- Tag in your WP Reader. I’ll leave you with my gallery of all the versions so far.

PS: This is a scheduled post as I didn’t wanted to overload yesterday 🙂


14 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – March – Week 3

  1. Hi Sari 😃
    I like that you tried a cross process with this week’s edition. Its introduced a softer feel with the sage green and I think depth too. I still like the clarity and detail in the flower 🌷 A nice variation 😃

  2. Yeah this is different, and I like the cross processing, there is a real difference in presence between the flower and the background in this.

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