Architecture & Monochrome – Photo 101 – Day 12

Today’s assignment brought me in some kind of dilemma, it said monochrome… but today is Monochrome Madness day… and I didn’t submit a architecture picture. So yeah, you have to live we two monochrome themed post today.

Here is what I did today: I decided that I want to take a picture of one of the most typical architectural buildings on this island: the sheep barns! They have a really typical shape here with one side of the building being straight (that one mostly faces north-east, as the wind mostly blows from south-west). So when I went for groceries after work I packed my camera and on the way back home I stopped at one of the barns that was nicely lit from the back by the descending sun. I took some pictures, not only from the barn and I converted them all to monochrome.

So here you have my gallery of architectural monochrome pictures.



7 thoughts on “Architecture & Monochrome – Photo 101 – Day 12

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