Moment & Motion – Photo 101 – Day 13

When I saw today’s assignment I immediately thought of a bunch of pictures that I took 1.5 weeks ago on a Saturday. On that day I went to a pet store to get some stuff for the cats and I just couldn’t resist and bought a toy for them as well. I got my camera ready and then I gave the toy to them and Jack really liked to play with it. I took some serial pictures and I really like the motion you can see in them.

I choose two sequences and I will show the pictures in two galleries.

Sequence 1:

Sequence 2:

In preparation for this post I thought it would be cool to show them in an animated gif so I looked up some tutorial and then created them in PS. So this is a first for me… I hope you like them! I just love these moments with my cats!

Edit: I used the this tutorial to produce the gif.




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