Scale – Photo 101 – Day 14

…or why I ware a Charms bracelet. So today we should set something into scale. And while keeping an open eye for inspirations on the commons I found this post by berryduchess where she posted a picture of the Eiffel tower and the tower of London on her bracelet. And there it was, my idea! I decided to take a picture of one of my Charms together with it’s original counterpart.


To give you a little back story on that: On Christmas three years ago I got my Charms bracelet as a present from my BF and it had one Charm on it. I wanted this bracelet to represent something so I choose the following Charms with care and they all tell a little bit about me. Below you can find a picture of my bracelet how it looks at the moment. I have one charm that represents my roots in Switzerland, two that represent my time in Hamburg, one that represents my time here on Texel, one representing my cats, a heart I got from my BF and then two that I connect with my work and my PhD that I am doing right now. One of these is the one featuring my picture today, the Cockle. It is one of the species I work with and therefor has a special place for me. I love the details in it!

I hope you like my take on scale!



5 thoughts on “Scale – Photo 101 – Day 14

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