Landscape & Cropping – Photo 101 – Day 15

Today was a stressy day at work and then there also was the solar eclipse, no I haven’t seen it because the sky was totally overcast the whole day, which is annoying as I live in one of the sunniest spots of this country and then on a day like this we have clouds? Anyway I decided to not go out and take new pictures but I wanted to show you guys the power of cropping! I will go through some of my pictures that I took for this course and will crop or “uncrop” them and show you guys the results. I went through my pictures and found two that were ideal for that. The first one was the one from the solitude day and the second one is one from the architecture day.

First the picture from the solitude day, this one I did already crop right at the beginning but I wanted to have the wide sand flat in the picture so I decided to only show you guys the big version but a lot of people that I showed the cropped version to said they like it better.

Photo101-Day5-Solitude-3 Photo101-Day5-Solitude-1

The second one is the nice landscape picture with the mist from this week. I showed you guys the cropped version as I was not totally satisfied with the placement of the horizon in the original shot. I therefore cropped it a lot at the bottom.

Photo101-Day15-Cropping-1 Photo101-Day12-Architecture-2

So what do you think? Which versions do you prefer? Do you think the cropping makes a big difference?

Feedback is welcome!



19 thoughts on “Landscape & Cropping – Photo 101 – Day 15

  1. For the first one, I would have cropped that post completely out of the photo. That would require either cropping into a portrait mode by cutting your already cropped photo in half and getting rid of the left half – which I think would be my choice – or getting rid of the left portion of the original photo.

    I think the second one would look better with less sky and more of the texture of the field. I would also get rid of the big mound on the left as it seems to intrude into the frame. It’s also out of place with the features on the right.

    Disclaimer: I am not a pro, and my suggestions reflect my preferences only, and do not represent “the way the Universe ought to be” . . . even if I do think they really ought to.

    • Thanks for that long and detailed feedback! I have to say I took the post into the first shot on propose and I really like it there 😉
      For the second picture I might try your suggestions and see what happens 🙂

  2. It maybe because I have been trained to always look from the horizon in, but I tend to prefer the cropped versions. I think it’s because I tend to subconsciously “mentally crop” pictures (and real life as well for that matter) then only take in what I need to from foregrounds. I do find if I start cropping that for me it only usually consists of taking out uninvited objects. As I have said before your photos are stunning with or without cropping! 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback. For a long time I never did anything to my pictures after taking them and I have to say that cropping is still something I have to get used to. But I think I get better at it 🙂

  3. I like what you have done here. On the first image, the lower version is preferable to the narrow panorama above because of the interesting texture in the sand. There is a lot to look at here. An equally acceptable variation would be to crop out some of the bottom so that the footsteps on the left side start very close to the bottom and lead the viewer’s eye into the picture. I think the lower version of the second image is excellent the way you have cropped it. You have removed all of the uninteresting foreground but left enough to provide context and stability for the image. Even though the sky has no particularly interesting features ,such as dramatic clouds, removing a significant portion would make the final image too narrow. And by leaving the sky big relative to the land, it conveys a sense of power.

  4. Hi Sari, interesting exercise. With your first set, I like the bottom, uncropped image best, as the sand has interesting features. I possibly would crop a wee bit of the bottom, to remove the lumpy bit at the right hand corner. With the second set, I like your panoramic. You have removed much of the plain green paddock that did not really add anything to the image. Nice work!

  5. Sari I’m a cropper too so I always like that shot especially when it looks like a pano and elongated. I think this appeals because its not the usual shape and creates a whole different style of photo to the original. 🙂

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