JugBros Live

One of the things I am missing here on my island is the possibility to go to live concerts. Most artist, if they even come to the Netherlands, play in Amsterdam which is 2 hours to go without any possibility to come back late at night as the ferry is not going after 10 in the evening. But we have one local band, the JugBros, that is playing relatively often on the island and are actually doing music I really, really like. They go a bit into the Country and Rock ‘n Roll direction.

In summer they play every week in a Bar/Restaurant called “De Compagnie” in a little harbor village here. On the island they are pretty popular and in summer the tourists adding to the locals make for a nice and funny atmosphere. So yesterday there was a spring party in that venue and the JugBros were playing. I therefore packed my camera and some friends and we went for a nice afternoon/evening filled with beer (or in my case a radler and some coke as I was driving) and music.

I post you some YT videos to their music so you can get an idea of the background music and leave you with a gallery of pictures.

The JugBros can be found on facebook šŸ™‚

And to the JugBros – Bedankt Mannen!


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