One Four Challenge – March – Week 4

Time is running… and not in a good sens at the moment… I am under some pressure at work at the moment and these weekly posts for the One Four Challenge always remind me so nicely of the passing time. Well, nevertheless I want to show you the last picture of my March One Four Challenge. If you are not familiar with this challenge please have a look on Robyn’s Post (where you can also find a lot of Links to other participants) or you have a look at my One Four Challenge page!

For this week I took the picture from week 1 and converted it to a sepia picture with the antique present in LR. I then darkened the picture a bit more and added a vignette.



I appreciate any comments and feedback! Thanks for all the comments and feedback so far. Next month will be a review months, I am not sure yet how I will handle it. I will leave you with a poll and a gallery of all March pictures. If you have a favorite, I would love to know it!


18 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – March – Week 4

    • It is funny how this sometimes works for me. While working in LR I sometimes move my mouse around and while doing so move over the side panel with the presets in and then the preview changes to show the effect. Every now and then I get hooked on one of these and think: “Oh wow this looks good” and then it starts! Got some unusual combinations out of that already πŸ˜€

  1. I can’t believe it but I like the original the most, for some reason (at least on my screen) I like the subtle hues of the original and I feel like the petals in the other versions turned more “electric’ than natural, if that makes sense. It is just my personal preference, I have enjoyed your edits each week, especially hearing how and why you chose what you did. What a happy, spring, photograph!

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