Double – Photo 101 – Day 19

After this one there is only one more day to go in this adventure that is called Photo101. I liked today’s assignment much better then yesterdays but still I had difficulties coming up with a good picture as the weather was awful today and I didn’t really had any ideas. Anyway I still took my camera with me to work and even went out with it during Lunch break. I took some pictures then but wasn’t really satisfied with what I had gotten so far. On my way back from work I kept looking out for other subjects but nothing popped (I still took some pictures but they have nothing to do with this assignment so I will show them at a different time). When I arrived home I was about to give up and live with the shots I took during Lunch but then two things caught my eye here. One were the two shells of sea urchins that I have as a decoration on a sideboard (so far the cats haven’t thrown them down and destroyed them). I took some shots of them and then I also remembered that I have this really cute salt and pepper set that looks like two figures hugging each other. I know that this is more common in Black and White but I actually have the colorful version and I really like them, not so much as a salt and pepper set but more as a decoration.

I will leave you with my gallery of double!



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