Storm flood on Texel

Today we had a storm whipping over my little island from the south west. This always means that the wind will press the water into the Wadden Sea, leading to higher floods then normally. So when I got up today in the morning I already thought it could get pretty high and checked the predictions. They said it would be 2 m above Amsterdam normal height (NAP, or in other words what every one referrers to as 0 m). Everyone living close to the coast will know that this is a considerable addition of water.

We have this little harbor village at the east side of the island and high tide was predicted to be at 17:30, so ideal conditions for me to go out and take pictures. After work I therefor packed my camera and drove the few kilometers to the village. And I was indeed rewarded with the sight of the harbor flooded. As I was anticipating this I parked my car at a save spot (always park it on the right side of the dike! 😉 ).

So here is my gallery of storm flood pictures!


5 thoughts on “Storm flood on Texel

  1. These are really excellent pictures, giving an excellent portrayal of what happens here with a higher than above average tide. Are these becoming more common with climate change?

    • Thank you, Robin! I am not sure if there is any scientific evidence that they are getting more common but we have situations like this around 5 (+-3) times a year. I can’t say anything about how it used to be. I could look it up somewhere but I have to work 😉

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