Exploring the Netherlands: Naturalis, Leiden

My BF is over for a week again and as it is Easter we thought it would be nice to explore this nice country a bit more. So on Thursday afternoon we traveled down to Den Haag (The Hauge) and met up with some friends there (I didn’t take any pictures there as it was mostly for pleasure). On Friday we then went from Den Haag to Leiden, which is about 15 min by train. There we visited the Naturalis. The Naturalis is a is a national museum of natural history and a research center on biodiversity. I have a friend working in the science communication at the Naturalis and she showed us around the exhibition and made sure we saw all the key elements.

The Naturalis has a huge collection of animal, plant and geological specimens (37 Million in 2012 according to Wikipedia), only a small part of it is showcased in the actual museum, the rest is stored in a huge tower that is behind the museum building. Nevertheless, it is a great museum to visit and has a lot of great things to see and to explore. You are allowed to take pictures as long as you do that without your tripod and your flash. I took around 150 pictures in just 2,5 hours and I will show you around 50 of these.  I will add captions to as many pictures as possible. My knowledge of stones and minerals is restricted to a few so I am sorry that I will nor be able to name them.


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