Night crossing – Monochrome Madness 2-7

After the last week I almost missed this weeks MM, I managed to send my contribution in at the moment when Leanne was busy making the post… shame on me! 😉 I didn’t found the time to go through my new pictures of Hamburg yet so I decided I would submit an old picture that I took back in January. It is a picture that I took with a long exposure at a crossing next to the Lake Alster. You can see the Hamburger Kunsthalle (a museum for art) in the background.

Also in the course of last week I got some more publicity for my blog as a collection of my pictures was shared together with a small introduction on a blog that frequently shows pictures of my little island. You can find the post here (it is in Dutch but has nice pictures 😉 ).

As always don’t forget to have a look at all submissions of the Monochrome Madness over on Leanne’s Blog!



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