Museum night in Hamburg

During my first days of my visit to Hamburg almost two weeks ago I relatively quickly realized that there will be the museum night on the last evening that I will be there. During that night a lot of museums in Hamburg (57 this year) are open till late into the night and offer special programs, you pay once and can enter as many museums as you want/ can manage. A special transportation system is organized to help people to get from one point to the other. So my mum and me decided to attend it, we made a plan of what we wanted to see and in which order but as always with these nights you tend to change plans in the middle of it. 😉

We started off at the Deichtorhallen where they had two exhibitions, one about the influence of Picasso on the modern art and the other one was a Photo exhibition called “The new social” with pictures from mostly around Europe connected to social activities. Unfortunately taking pictures was only allowed if you purchased a licence at the entrance (which I learned when I was already inside and the cue was too long to go back out and get one).

From there we proceeded down to the harbor (by bus and by foot which left me with the opportunity to take some pictures) were we entered a Barkasse (a small ship, mainly used for touristic tours around the harbor) to get to the “MS Bleichen” (link only in German), we were lucky that we did this at the same time as the sun was setting at the harbor and I got some fantastic shots. The MS Bleichen is an old transport ship that is currently renovated to get a museum ship. On the MS Bleichen some photographers that I follow on facebook (michel und elbe, website and facebook page) had some of the pictures shown.  We stayed there for a moment to refresh and listen to some live music.

Directly next to the MS Bleichen was the Hafenmuseum (Harbor museum) with an old sea crane and a steam-powered suction machine on display. They also had a big storage hall with a lot of information about the workflow in the harbor. When we were finished there it was already after 10 p.m. and as I had to drive back for 5 hours to my little island the next day we diceded that we would get on our way back. I had my camera with me the whole time and was busy taking pictures. Here is a selection of that.


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