Tulip fields

I think this is something a lot of my followers are secretly waiting for all the time already. Last week I went out and took some pictures of the tulip fields blooming. I just love the sight of them! They are so colorful and still organized. This week marks the 3rd anniversary of me moving over here and I always remember when I was on my way to the island and passed all the flower fields by train and I thought to myself “Oh, wow!”. In Germany we mostly have fields that have the color green, brown or yellow. Not so in Spring in the Netherlands! here you have Fields that look like a rainbow! They not only grow Tulips but also Hyacinths (look at my post from last year to see some pictures of them). Often these fields are close to each other and also some Daffodils are growing close which makes it quite a view.

If you ever plan to come to the Netherlands and you can freely choose the time without any restrictions I would suggest try to come at the end of April. πŸ™‚

I will leave you with my colorful gallery of Tulip fields, lambs and sunset pictures that I took while walking around the area one evening.

PS: It is King’s Day today and this is a scheduled post as I am out celebrating with the crazy and orange Dutch people! (I hope to be able to make a post about it over the next week)


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