Rough sea – Monochrome Madness 2-9

This was one of these weeks were you sit in front of the computer asking yourself where the heck the time went, at least for me. So I even missed the start of the One Four challenge on Sunday and will have to see if I can find an image for this one within the next few days… otherwise i think I will have to skip. I am really busy right now with having visitors more or less for a whole week straight till Saturday when i will leave for Germany myself. I took tons of pictures during the last days but i seem to have problems getting in front of my computer to work them out and my biggest problem right now is actually writing up posts. I hope I will be able to write some up during the next week with all my pictures from the last two weeks.

This week in MM we had a theme which was “Fences” and I looked around in my archive but nothing called out to me and I already submitted my favorite fence picture to MM a few months ago. So I decided to skip this theme and go for a normal submission which I really appreciate that it is possible. This picture is still one from my archives and was taken during one of the bigger winter storms in 2013. Please have a look at the galleries on Leanne’s Blog with and without the fences! 🙂



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