Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons – April

April was a busy month for me in terms of work so I didn’t managed to go out and take pictures that often. But we have some events here at the end of April that are always worth documenting. First as I live in the Netherlands we have the Tulip bloom, then we have King’s Day (or Koningsdag in Dutch, it is a national holiday and marks the Birthday of the King) and as a last we have a really nice tradition here on Texel on the 30th of April and it’s called the ‘Meierblis’.

The only of these three things I managed to make a post about was the Tulip bloom, but I will tell you a bit more about the other two events.

King’s Day is quite a happening here in the Netherlands and you can spot the national color, orange, everywhere. This holiday is pretty young as it is only celebrated for the second time now. Before that we had Queensday, which was on the 30th of April. But the overall thing is more or less the same only that it is now happening 3 days earlier (if you are planning to come to the Netherlands you should pay attention if you have the newest version of your travel guide as most will still have the 30th of April as the Holiday in it). You have flea markets all over the country and each town has it’s own little party. The biggest party is normally celebrated in Amsterdam but I am not a big fan of over crowded cities so I never went there so far. I prefer to stay on the island and enjoy the sunshine (yes , somehow it magically is always sunny on King’s Day (or former Queensday)!), a beer and some live music. So far each year the Jug Bros played and it is always really nice :).

The Meierblis is a fire that is lit on the evening of the 30th of April and it is a tradition that comes from Germany. It is a way to welcome spring and get rid of the bad spirits of the winter. It is pretty big over here and each village normally has it’s own fire. Then the neighborhood meets up and the fire is lit while it is still bright (mostly for the sake of the kids). This year I managed to get a picture of the bad spirits we wanted to get rid of. Can you spot it?

I did plan to make separate posts for all of them but then got caught up in the whole pre-vacation work stress (Yes, I had a full week off!). So I decided to make a kind of best of post by including my favorite shots in this post. This post is part of the changing seasons challenge and if you are interested in this please check the blog form Cardinal Guzman or my challenge page.

As I am freshly back from vacation I hope I will be able to post some of the pictures I took while being away. We will see, work has me in quite occupied right now!


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