Botanical Garden in Linz (Austria)

As I said yesterday already we went for a day trip to Linz during my one week of vacation mid May (with we I mean my BF and me).

Linz is not that big but it is pretty close to Passau and you can get there within 1.5 hours and due to some special tickets we were able to go there for just 36€ with the two of us both ways. We have never been there before so we checked in advance what you can do and found several interesting things, one of them was the botanical garden. It lays a bit off the center on top of a hill and as it was mid may a lot of flowers were in bloom.

For me as a biologist botanical gardens always remind me of my time at university πŸ™‚ I can walk around there for ages and look at all the little details everywhere. But mostly when I am in botanical gardens I am there together with people that don’t share my background and then I mostly have to hurry behind them or they start complaining that I want to spent so much time at some spots. This time it was really nice as my BF didn’t do anything like that. I think this was mostly due to the fact that he just got a new phone and wanted to test the camera a bit πŸ˜‰ Anyway who am I to complain?

After we left the botanical garden we walk to the city center but we realized quickly that we both were pretty tired already and decided to just go home again. But I am sure it wasn’t our last trip to Linz!

Here are the tons of pictures I took in the botanical garden, they also had some plates standing around the garden with poems on them that were about gardens or flowers, I really liked them (text was in German, though). They are all taken with my 50 mm lens.


7 thoughts on “Botanical Garden in Linz (Austria)

  1. I remember going to the arms and armour exhibition in the Castle Museum in Linz a long time ago. I still remember the colourful gardens and the great cuisine. I’d love to go back again too.
    Your images brought it all back. Thank you.

  2. Wonderful pictures and thanks for visiting my home town :D! If you do come back, try to see Ars Electronica Center and “Salonschiff FrΓ€ulein Florentine”, which is a relatively new bar-on-a-ship just opposite of Lentos Museum in the Danube. Cheers!!

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