Baby Jack – Monochrome Madness 2-16

One year ago on June, 22nd I went and visited my two boys one last time at their home before they finally moved in with me. It was a great and sunny day so they were out in the backyard. I took a lot of pictures that day and I even made a collage out of some of them and took it as my desktop background. It is still there and everyday I look at it and get reminded of how much they grew in this time. So as a kind of recapture I thought I submit one of these to the MM and show you some more pictures of that day.


As always please have a look at the other submissions to MM over on Leanne’s Blog, it is always worth it!

Here the collage that I have as a desktop background.



DIY – Cat toy / Katzenspielzeug

(für die Deutsche Übersetzung bitte nach unter scrollen!)

Today I will do something unusual for this blog , I will translate part of this post into German as I want to post it in a German facebook group. Anyway, this weekend I was doing some DIY projects and I wanted to show you the first one in this post. I was planning to do this for some time already but just didn’t found the time. Yesterday I was planning to use the sewing machine anyway so I thought why not also do this project.

What you need:

  • Some scrape fabric (I took a piece of approximately 10×20 cm/ 4×8 in)
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • filling cotton (or an old cushion)
  • some Valerian root or cat mint

What to do:

Cut your fabric into the right size and fold it in the middle with what you want to be outside on the inside, sew around the edges and leave a small hole (approximately 4-5 cm/ 2 in). Turn it inside out through the hole and fill it with the cotton. Put the Valerian root or cat mint inside (try to put it into the middle) and close the hole by hand (you can use the instructions in the video below to do so).

And voliá your cat toy is ready to be played with.

Some pictures for illustration can be found at the end of the post.

###German translation###

So heute gibt es eine Bastelanleitung für die allseits beliebten Stinkekissen.

Das wird benötigt:

  • Stoffreste (ich habe ein Stück von etwa 10×20 cm genommen)
  • eine Nähmaschine oder Nadel und Faden
  • Füllwatte (es geht auch ein billiges Kissen, dass ihr aufschneidet und einen Teil der Füllung verwendet)
  • Baldrianwurzel oder Katzenminze

Und so geht’s:

Falls notwendig schneidet ihr den Stoff in ein passendes Stück und faltet es mit der Stoffaußenseite nach innen. Nun näht ihr die Seiten außen zusammen und lasst dabei ein Wendeloch (ca 4-5 cm). Ihr wendet das Stück und füllt es mit der Füllwatte. Anschließend tut ihr etwas Baldrianwurzel oder Katzenminze in die Mitte. Nun braucht ihr nur noch das Wendeloch per Hand zu vernähen (eine Anleitung wie das ganz Wunderbar funktioniert gibt es in dem video unten) und schon ist euer Stinkekissen fertig zum bespielen!

Nun folgen noch einige Bilder die den Herstellungsprozess sowie das anschließende bespielen zeigen!

A dog vs two cats

Yesterday my mum and her boyfriend came for a visit and they brought their dog Lucky with them. He is one of the sweetest and most relaxed dogs I know and he was over while the cats were already here before. Still that is now over half a year ago and they are just not used to dogs. He however knows cats and their danger. So additional to his normal relaxed behavior he was super cautious around the cats and always kept an eye open for where they were. They spent most of the times sitting somewhere high (on the couch, on the cat tree…) but occasionally they came down. They didn’t got friends with the dog but there was also no fighting happening. Every one just kept their distance from each other. And then in the evening my mum, her boyfriend and their dog left again and the cats were able to relax again. I took some pictures of the whole event. I hope you like them! 🙂

PS: I just realized that Tom is on most pictures with the dog but it was actually Jack that was more active, especially in the beginning.

Treasure & Close-up – Photo 101 – Day 16

We are starting with the last week of Photo 101 and I have to say I kind of like the daily post routine. I hope I will be able to at least keep some of it up after finishing with the course. Now for today’s assignment: after using my Charms-Bracelet for one of last weeks assignments I was a bit stuck on this one. But then I remembered a shot I took the last time my BF was visiting and we were lying on the couch and then Tom came up to us and he choose my BF shoulder as his sleeping spot. By coincidence I had my camera next to me and I took this shot (Ok, I had no other choice then to get close as I couldn’t move without destroying the whole scene 😉 )

These are two of my treasures in this world and I am always so happy if we are all together!


Moment & Motion – Photo 101 – Day 13

When I saw today’s assignment I immediately thought of a bunch of pictures that I took 1.5 weeks ago on a Saturday. On that day I went to a pet store to get some stuff for the cats and I just couldn’t resist and bought a toy for them as well. I got my camera ready and then I gave the toy to them and Jack really liked to play with it. I took some serial pictures and I really like the motion you can see in them.

I choose two sequences and I will show the pictures in two galleries.

Sequence 1:

Sequence 2:

In preparation for this post I thought it would be cool to show them in an animated gif so I looked up some tutorial and then created them in PS. So this is a first for me… I hope you like them! I just love these moments with my cats!

Edit: I used the this tutorial to produce the gif.



Guest Post: DIY Cat litter box


The second part of my guest post about DIY for cats on is online now. Again the post is also available in German. The Link can be found in the post! Head over there and have a look if you are interested!


As promised, Sarina from Saris Corner is back with the follow-up on the DIY Cat litter box. Please find her post below. For those that missed last week’s post on the Cat bed please check it out here.

(This post is also available in German on Katzenworld Deutschland)

Hello everyone on Katzenworld,

The second thing I wanted to do was to get the HOL box and make a litter box holder of it to reduce the amount of litter lying around everywhere. The HOL box is a simple storage box and can be found in two sizes. I don’t really have that much room so I decided to go for the small one. Again the boys were everywhere and even helped with unpacking the box. After assembling (that was pretty easy as well) I decided where the cats should enter the box and used a jig saw to make…

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Guest Post: DIY Bed for Cats

Today I did a guest post over on (this post is also available in German, the link can be found in the post!)


(This post is also available in German on Katzenworld Deutschland)

Hello everyone on Katzenworld,

I am Sarina a fellow Blogger from Saris Corner  from the Netherlands (originally from Germany) and I am into Photography and DIY stuff, and my cats 😉 So today I want to blog about something that combine all of these.

Did you ever heard about IKEA-Hacks ? Well there are several people out there that like to reuse IKEA products for something else then their initial purpose. If you search the web page with the search term cat you get 1,850 results so apparently there are a lot of things you can do with IKEA stuff for your cat. I saw two of them that really got me  hooked:

1. The DUKTIG Cat bed (initially from this post, but see here ( as well)

2. The HOL Litterbox (see here (

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One Four Challenge – February – Week 3

I am a bit late with my post this week but I have been pretty busy 🙂 I did use the NIK Collection for this weeks picture and I went for a bleached out, kind of old foto effect. As I am using the NIK Collection in German I am not 100% sure how the effect is called in English. It was one of the presets that applies more than one filter to the picture (I am still not quite familiar with the whole working of it). Unfortunately the 15 days are already over and I was not really able to use the program that much due to some problems with my computer. So now I have to decide if I want to buy it or not… I will let you know 🙂

Back to this weeks picture, I started off with last weeks picture and removed the B&W layer. I wanted to do something new so I decided I will try a mirroring and now Jack looks in the other direction (I had to get used to that a bit 😉 ). I then optimized the picture in terms of sharpness and then went to NIK Color Efex Pro and played around with the presets until I found something I liked (yes I know this is not how it is supposed to happen but it did in my case!).

I am not completely satisfied with the brightness of his white spots but was not in the mood to spent too much time on fixing it (it was one of those days, you know?). So yeah this is my result for this week.

February Week 3

February Week 3

What do you guys think of it? As always I appreciate any feedback and please also have a look over on Robyn’s Page for other participants or search for the One Four Challenge Tag in the WP Reader.

Here the gallery with all versions so far, next week will already be the last week of this month and there will be a poll.

One Four Challenge – February – Week 2

Welcome to the second week of the February One Four Challenge! I got myself a trail version of Nik Collection last week after I read a nice post about it from Stacey over at lensaddiction. I was planning on using it for this weeks One Four Challenge picture but one comment from Chris from svtakeiteasy kept on crawling in my head. She suggested that I should focus on the eyes and whiskers of Jack. So I decided to try a monochrome layer above everything except for the eye (for a tutorial how to do that in LR see here). After I did that I thought I was finished but then today just before I wanted to post this I had this idea to crop the image a bit more and increase the focus on the eye. And then I was in a classical dilemma, I couldn’t decide anymore which version to post. So I decided to show you guys both versions!

Additional to the obvious changes I also adjusted the brightness around the muzzle (Thanks, Stacey!)  and I got rid of the last distracting point in the background.


February – Week 2 – Version 1


February – Week 2 – Version 2

I really enjoyed the feedback I got and I would appreciate any feedback on this weeks pictures and I would also like to know if you  have a favorite version from these two!

For anyone that is new to this challenge please check out the post from Robyn where she explains everything and for all interested people please have a look at the comments of that post for other participants or just use the “One Four Challenge”- Tag in the WP Reader!

Here the gallery with all versions so far: