Botanical Garden in Linz (Austria)

As I said yesterday already we went for a day trip to Linz during my one week of vacation mid May (with we I mean my BF and me).

Linz is not that big but it is pretty close to Passau and you can get there within 1.5 hours and due to some special tickets we were able to go there for just 36€ with the two of us both ways. We have never been there before so we checked in advance what you can do and found several interesting things, one of them was the botanical garden. It lays a bit off the center on top of a hill and as it was mid may a lot of flowers were in bloom.

For me as a biologist botanical gardens always remind me of my time at university 🙂 I can walk around there for ages and look at all the little details everywhere. But mostly when I am in botanical gardens I am there together with people that don’t share my background and then I mostly have to hurry behind them or they start complaining that I want to spent so much time at some spots. This time it was really nice as my BF didn’t do anything like that. I think this was mostly due to the fact that he just got a new phone and wanted to test the camera a bit 😉 Anyway who am I to complain?

After we left the botanical garden we walk to the city center but we realized quickly that we both were pretty tired already and decided to just go home again. But I am sure it wasn’t our last trip to Linz!

Here are the tons of pictures I took in the botanical garden, they also had some plates standing around the garden with poems on them that were about gardens or flowers, I really liked them (text was in German, though). They are all taken with my 50 mm lens.


Flower – Monochrome Madness 2-12

Ok I am pretty late with this one and I feel guilty that I don’t really post anything at the moment. Work is pretty stressy these days and I am not sure if this is going to change anytime soon (I am now in my last year of my PhD which makes it normal to be like that). However I still try to participate in Leanne’s great Monochrome Madness each week so that I at least post once a week…

This week I submitted a picture I took while being in the botanical garden in Linz (Austria). We did a day trip there while I was in Passau mid May. I plan to do a bigger post about that at some point and I hope it will be this weekend but I can’t make any promises…

Anyway here is my picture, please don’t forget to have a look at the other great submissions!


At the riverside – Monochrome Madness 2-11

How fast can a week go by? I was on vacation and it was over way too fast but now life (and especially work) have me back and I am busy right from the start. I came back on Sunday and had a quick look through the pictures I took while being away and found this one that I really liked. It was taken in Passau, Germany at the riverbank of the “Inn” while being out for an afternoon stroll. I hope I will be able to show you some more pictures from Passau soon.

As always please have a look at the other submissions over on Leanne’s Blog!


Spring in Hamburg

My week in Hamburg was pretty busy and it was an unusual week for me as I was staying in a hotel in Hamburg for the first time in my life. The hotel was in a different part of Hamburg then I am usually staying and I really had to get used to that. My days were filled with meetings and attending a symposium about the future of coastal research in Germany. The wheater was great for most of the time which made me feel sad as I had to stay inside most of the days. I took my camera with me to some of the occasions and took some pictures here and there. The venue of my Symposium was close to a park that is called “Altonaer Balkon” as it is a bit like a balcony having a great view over the harbor area of Hamburg. The pictures I want to show you today were taken around the area of Hamburg Altona.

Museum night in Hamburg

During my first days of my visit to Hamburg almost two weeks ago I relatively quickly realized that there will be the museum night on the last evening that I will be there. During that night a lot of museums in Hamburg (57 this year) are open till late into the night and offer special programs, you pay once and can enter as many museums as you want/ can manage. A special transportation system is organized to help people to get from one point to the other. So my mum and me decided to attend it, we made a plan of what we wanted to see and in which order but as always with these nights you tend to change plans in the middle of it. 😉

We started off at the Deichtorhallen where they had two exhibitions, one about the influence of Picasso on the modern art and the other one was a Photo exhibition called “The new social” with pictures from mostly around Europe connected to social activities. Unfortunately taking pictures was only allowed if you purchased a licence at the entrance (which I learned when I was already inside and the cue was too long to go back out and get one).

From there we proceeded down to the harbor (by bus and by foot which left me with the opportunity to take some pictures) were we entered a Barkasse (a small ship, mainly used for touristic tours around the harbor) to get to the “MS Bleichen” (link only in German), we were lucky that we did this at the same time as the sun was setting at the harbor and I got some fantastic shots. The MS Bleichen is an old transport ship that is currently renovated to get a museum ship. On the MS Bleichen some photographers that I follow on facebook (michel und elbe, website and facebook page) had some of the pictures shown.  We stayed there for a moment to refresh and listen to some live music.

Directly next to the MS Bleichen was the Hafenmuseum (Harbor museum) with an old sea crane and a steam-powered suction machine on display. They also had a big storage hall with a lot of information about the workflow in the harbor. When we were finished there it was already after 10 p.m. and as I had to drive back for 5 hours to my little island the next day we diceded that we would get on our way back. I had my camera with me the whole time and was busy taking pictures. Here is a selection of that.

Exploring the Netherlands: Naturalis, Leiden

My BF is over for a week again and as it is Easter we thought it would be nice to explore this nice country a bit more. So on Thursday afternoon we traveled down to Den Haag (The Hauge) and met up with some friends there (I didn’t take any pictures there as it was mostly for pleasure). On Friday we then went from Den Haag to Leiden, which is about 15 min by train. There we visited the Naturalis. The Naturalis is a is a national museum of natural history and a research center on biodiversity. I have a friend working in the science communication at the Naturalis and she showed us around the exhibition and made sure we saw all the key elements.

The Naturalis has a huge collection of animal, plant and geological specimens (37 Million in 2012 according to Wikipedia), only a small part of it is showcased in the actual museum, the rest is stored in a huge tower that is behind the museum building. Nevertheless, it is a great museum to visit and has a lot of great things to see and to explore. You are allowed to take pictures as long as you do that without your tripod and your flash. I took around 150 pictures in just 2,5 hours and I will show you around 50 of these.  I will add captions to as many pictures as possible. My knowledge of stones and minerals is restricted to a few so I am sorry that I will nor be able to name them.

Stormy Sylt

As some of you might know I was in Hamburg over the Holidays and after that I spent two weeks on the German Wadden Sea island Sylt. I was there for work so I didn’t had that much time to go out and take pictures. But with being there for two weeks there was a whole weekend in between that I was planning to spent with photography. And then the weather had other Plans… A huge storm was predicted already a few days ahead of the weekend. So I decided to go out and take pictures of the storm. First I was a bit afraid that it will rain and be cold and wet the whole time but I really wanted to go anyway. So on that Saturday I met with a colleague and we went off to the North Sea beach of the island and surprisingly it was sunny but a little  misty from the spray from the sea. The way up the dunes was hard as we had to walk against the wind which was around wind speed 10 at that point with gusts up to 12 (which is hurricane strength). But the reward was an amazing view over the beach with relatively high waves. Due to the fact that the sun was out I got some really nice shots. We later also went a bit more south on the island but we only stopped at one of the lighthouses that I really wanted to take a picture off and then we headed for a restaurant and had a nice cup of tea and some Lunch.

I always love to capture the strength of the elements with my camera.

One Four Challenge – January – Week 1

Happy New Year everyone! December is over and we start with a new year and a new month. This means I will start with the one four challenge again. As most of you know in this challenge from Robyn from Captivate Me you choose a picture that you will work on over the course of one month. Each week I will post a new version of this picture. As last time I will first show you the original picture and then the version from week one and each week I will add a gallery with all the pictures so far.


This time I choose one of the pictures I took while begin back in Hamburg for the Holidays. This is the entrance to one of the pedestrian shopping areas in the city. I really liked the Holiday lights and the nice blue sky as well as the straight lines in the buildings.

The picture obviously needed some basic adjustments. I straightened it and cropped a bit a the bottom. I increased the details and the basic light. I also increased the saturation of the blue and yellow-orange parts. So here is my first week results:



This is it for this week. I appreciate all comments and suggestions 🙂  Don’t forget to check out Robyn’s Blog and look at the pingbacks from other participants.


Taking a look back – a review of 2014

Today is the 31st of December (at least here in Europe it still is) and this date always leads me to look back and see what happened during the last year. This is the first year that I had my Blog for the full year (last year I only started in December so I didn’t make a full review) and I thought I make a post to summarize what I did, especially since I got a nice summary post by the stats helper monkeys ;). But I was not completely satisfied with it since I had the feeling my pictures got a bit short in it. So much happened during this year, I started with the Monochrome Madness, I participated in the One Four Challenge and I posted about a lot of things… So here is a gallery with the best of 2014.

With this gallery I wanted to thank all my followers for supporting me! I am currently only 2 followers away from the magic number of 100 followers! I wanted to give a special thanks to the photographic community of WordPress bloggers for the constant feedback and support, especially to Leanne Cole, Laura Macky and Robyn G. for giving me so much inspiration with the challenges you come up with!

Overall I have to say I really enjoyed 2014 and I hope 2015 will be as productive and inspirational as 2014 (and hopefully it will not be as stressful as the end of 2014 was).

I hope you all come good into the new year (and to my aussie friends happy new year already!)!

See you in 2015!

The old Elbe tunnel

As already stated in my older post I was passing below the Elbe river in Hamburg to get to the south side for some pictures of the Hamburg skyline. Directly at the “Landungsbrücken”, were all the tourist boats leave, you can find the old Elbe tunnel, an official heritage site of Hamburg. It was build in 1907-1911 to allow people to cross under the river into the free port area more easily. Normally the tunnel has two lanes, one for each direction, but they are renovating it at the moment and one lane is closed. The cars are not entering over a ramp but are transported via lifts. The lanes are really narrow, so that modern trucks could not drive in them and even some normal cars have problems (I think the restricted width is 2 m, but I am not sure and couldn’t find it anywhere). While I was there (which was a Sunday afternoon) the lifts were not operated so only pedestrians and cyclists were in the tunnel. I love the feeling in there and it always makes me feel like I traveled back into these old times. Here my gallery of pictures that I took.